pátek 5. října 2012

Static Mantra / DBC (2xc40 Boxset)

HNW side project Static Mantra is still up and running, new material was just released as a double tape with Dead Body Collection by Ikebukuro Dada
Artwork by Yasutoshi Yoshida (Government Alpha)
Discogs page http://www.discogs.com/Dead-Body-Collection-Static-Mantra-Har-Megiddo/release/3911678
Some copies also available from me -> obsedante@email.cz for stock check (13€ + postage)

Still fresh and harsh noise walled:

VA - Seven Domains Of Disgust

Order here:

The Seven Domains of Disgust 4 x C90 Box Set is a release that draws inspiration from an article of the same name that was printed and presented to the English public in a free newspaper.
The article was based upon information gathered and hypothesised by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine that proposed that humans are the (relatively) sucessfull species they are today due to the disgust they developed towards aspects of their environment and some of the things that dwell within it.

For this release a _NW artist was given a disgust and asked to provide a 45 minute HNW/ANW/Static Minimalism track based around it and a few sentences/paragraphs indicating their take on the given disgust.

The disgust, chosen artist and location are as follows:

Sexual - Woman Despiser (Richard Ramirez) - USA
Moral - L.Deere - UK
Hygiene - Horriblemess - Canada
Lesion - Dead Body Collection - Serbia
Atypical Appearance - Å - France
Food - Static Mantra - Czech Republic
Animal - Clive Henry - UK
Fomite - Nascitari - Italy

(The disgust of food/animal was split in two for this compilation).

...The tracks range from pure static walls to minimal walls with touches of musique concrete...
...the Box Sets duration is 6 Hours in total!...
Samples found here - http://soundcloud.com/kafkexrex/seven-domains-of-disgust

 The set is presented in a white polybox with black shelled C90 cassettes...the artwork is printed on white card.

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