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Various Agitators – SILENCE=DEATH (2011)

Compilation tape of queer noise, circa 2011, with artists from 9 countries. Assembled by Mark Ward & Thomas Boettner.
In 1987 six gay activists formed a new project that was for gay rights and drew parallels between the AIDS epidemic and the Nazi’s eradication of LGBT-individuals. This project was called Silence=Death and its posters featured an upright pink triangle, a call-back to the use of an inverted pink triangle used by the Nazi regime for marking homosexual individuals. The manifesto behind Silence=Death was about, [the] silence about the oppression and annihilation of gay people, then and now, must be broken as a matter of our survival.”. Never should we be silent about the slow eradication of millions of people, just because of their sexual orientation.

This injustice, and probably many more reasons, fueled fire island, AK & Where Is This to gather gay and LGBT-friendly noise musicians for this compilation. The noise music genre have never been shy of breaking taboos and bringing up subjects that no other genre dare to touch; it has essentially become a haven for extreme outcasts to express their vile hatred of what society, and humanity in general, is capable to do to its fellow man.
Punk and noise have a quite similar ideology behind them, the whole accepting that you are different and the loathing of conforming to a society that you do not believe in. So it’s not so weird that the sub-genre “queercore” formed alongside the punk wave. Noise however are a bit more hesitant to adopt more sub-labels to it’s genre and the themes of sexual deviants and perversions have been standard fare to the genre in general. As such, the term, “queernoise” is perhaps a bit superfluous, but I feel that it is still a good therm to use for artists who focus on that particular theme, so long as we don’t start labeling the music after all the possible themes…
The cassette itself features quite a lot of artists, some of the more “famous” include, Richard Ramirez, Xiu Xiu, Richard Kamerman, and Ecoute la Merde. The music of SILENCE=DEATH varies from the usual violent harsh power electronics abuse, to haunting low droning white noise from the darkest abyss. It gives a good feel for both sides of the noise genre, of violent angry harsh noise and the hypnotic impenetrable wall of wall noise and the drones of white noise. The songs flow quite nice into each other with no sudden jarring tonal shift. I would love to see a pissed-off pride parade blasting this cassette while marching through the city square, in full leather gear, stomping fear into the idiotic homophobes.
SILENCE=DEATH is uncompromising, unforgiving,  violent, and fucking fabulous!
I. fire island, AK – We’re All Gonna Die Out Here
II. Sinister Sveta – Awesome External 2
III. In Many Rooms Murders Are Decided – Carceral Pornography
IIII. Spectre Circuits – Into The Lodge
V. EaViL – Owls Too Awake
VI. Flat Iguana – planes of dust / broken ethics (short edit)
VII. Gay Noise – Men of Steel Love to Suck and Fuck
VIII. Trashy – Red Horses
IX. Maskinanlegg – Huge Organ
X. The Raytownian(s) – Homophobe on the Down Low (I Hope You Get Caught)
I. Ecoute la Merde – Orgie Romaine et Démesure
II. Feedback Sonata – yeahfuckityeah, yeah
III. Richard Kamerman – thirty-two days without leaving (excerpt; 00:30:00 – 00:39:30, of 02:49:27)
IIII. Paregorik – In League with W.S.B.
V. Where is This – Parse Out
VI. Violent Pink – Between Light and Me 2
VII. Richard Ramirez – I Love My Job
VIII. Xiu Xiu – Ingeborg Bachman

93 93/93

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