pondělí 26. srpna 2013

rrg - Impromptu #4

Recorded on two takes onto two tracks using:

Boss SP-202, Yamaha QY10, Boss Rc-2, microKorg, Korg Monotron Delay, Digitech Bad Monkey, Behringer VP-1 Behringer Xenyx 802, Aria Stb-series Bass Guitar, Panasonic RQ-L340, Razzor Pedal Power Supply, Cables.

Recorded by: Sony MZ-R37 Minidisc

Mixed at the same night as recorded, not sure about the exact date, but for sure at some night between 13th-15th august, year thirteen.
Released 17 August 2013
All conception, sound engineering & high peak mental activity by Martin Sefer, located at 'The Place'.