čtvrtek 23. listopadu 2017

HOMF027 - Static Mantra / Avmakt Split (c81 Tape, Hair on my Food)

Martin Šafář (Paregorik) give us one 40+ minute wall with Static Mantra, which is his Hindu/Buddhist themed HNW project. Medatative drone noise walls shift ever so slightly and slowly. Somewhat tonal, but still with a crackle. Listen with your eyes closed.
Andreas Brandal (Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf, Torture Gnosis) fills side B with Avmakt. HNW with a more literal meaning of "wall of harsh noise". Lots of movement and evolution concerning the mids and highs, but a good basis of low rumbling lies beneath it all. Three tracks, each over 11 minutes.

or martin.saf@email.cz - 4eur/100czk/trade